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Geri's LiveJournal: Toad Hall Transitions

Pictures taken here and there


Directions to Toad Woods

Boskone 43 PR1 Color Flyer
Screen resolution (276k)
Print resolution (1.6M)

SMOFS/SMOFcon ad in OryCon 27 program book
We made the back cover!

Not-A-Worldcon was held Labor Day weekend, September 2-5, 2005

We had a fine time gallivanting around Massachusetts on Labor Day weekend! Pictures of our adventures are here.

For the historical record, here's a PDF with the Not-A-Worldcon Schedule. The links in the PDF lead you to more information about the Not-A-Worldcon venues.

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Geri Sullivan
PROmote Communications

Thank you!
November 5, 2005

Worldcon, NASFiC, and WSFS are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.

Not-A-Worldcon is a SMOTHRA event, held in the tradition of Dullcon, Dellcon, Not-A-D-Cons, and Not-A-ReinCONation. It is not affiliated with WSFS beyond any personal memberships in and keen regard for the Society that certain members of SMOTHRA may, upon occasion, hold.